Towing a trailer

Towing a trailer

Towing a Trailer – What you need to know!

Top tips trailer training tips that will help you to tow a Caravan or a Trailer


Before you start Towing

We cover everything you need to know


  • Driving with care at all times is important, as your vehicle is twice the size and weight, exceeding a certain speed limit can be vital.


  • Double check the breaks on the vehicle, not doing this can be catastrophic for you and others you share the road on.


  • Check that the vehicle is road safe, and the tow bar is secured to the car, I would recommend that a professional would fit this if you haven’t already got one.


  • Checking the trailer is important before towing it, as this can reduce your chances of an accident, these include Checking Wheels, Tyres and double check that all internal and external doors are locked. (Least you want is your door flying open when driving away and your personal belongings going flying)


  • Double check that the rear lights including Break lights and indicators are working. Worst-case scenario is changing lanes and someone hits into the back of you.

Max Towing weight:

This is one of the most asked questions, not to worry we have it all covered!


  • Providing that the Trailer doesn’t have breaks, the maximum tow limit is 750KG.
  • Now if you have, a Trailer with Breaks then you’re in for good news! Because the maximum you can tow is a massive 3500KG

Bear in mind that your vehicle is much larger and it can be extremely easy to just fill it up with heavy objects.
To be on the safe side its worth having the vehicle weighed, this will ensure that you and others on the road are safe

How can I get my vehicle weighed & what does it cost?

  • Take the caravan to a local weighbridge, now the benefits of this are that you will get an accurate result of the vehicle.
  • It can cost between £20-30 depending on where you go.

Weighing the vehicle accurately:

In order to weigh a vehicle properly you must ensure the following are done, this will just double check that you are good to go.

  • Remove all personal belongings in the vehicle; these include Water, Gas, and Luggage, as these will bring the weight down.


How fast should I drive?


  • Speeds limit shouldn’t exceed 60MPH on motorways and dual carriageways, however they are some restrictions which include
    going 50MPH if the vehicle and trailer combination exceeds over 7500KG
  • Keeping safe is important so driving at 50mph on other roads is
    extremely important.




  • As a driver it is important to check your mirrors, forgetting to do this can cause a very catastrophic accident.
  • You must tow with “Towing Mirrors”, not using these can lead to vital
    consequences which include: 3 Points on your license, and Fines as high as £1,000.


It is important that you choose the right driving school, because you don’t want to be splashing money on lessons and not being taught properly
Things to look out for:

  • Look for fully Qualified Adi’s.
  • The more experience in teaching the better.
  • Read reviews, the more the better.
  • Pass rate percentages.


B+E Driving test

What do I need to take and how much does it cost?


When going to your test it is important to take a vehicle that is road worthy and suitable for the test, providing that you are displaying L-plates on both front and rear of the vehicle.

Take your appointment letter you were sent when you booked your test, alongside your photo card-driving license.

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