Show me tell me questions 2013

Show me tell me questions 2013

Hopefully you are aware that you will be asked two vehicle check questions about the vehicle that you are taking for your driving test.

The DSA introduced the Show Me, Tell Me part of the test in 2003 so every new person taking to the roads would have some basic vehicle check knowledge.

If you have a vehicle that is 3 years or older, then once a year by law you are required to have an MOT on your car. However, what if something isn’t right with your car between those dates ? Hence, why the DSA  introduced these questions in 2003.


On a learners test you will just receive a minor fault, even if you get both questions wrong. However, if you are taking the driving instructor part 2 exam then each time you get a show me tell me question wrong, you will receive a minor fault and ultimately fail your Part 2 Adi exam for receiving too many minors in one area.

On a learners test it’s really important to get off to a good start, so at driveHarrogate we strongly recommend that you revise all 19 show me, tell me questions to give you a good start from the very beginning. Your driving instructor in Harrogate will also go through all the show me, tell me questions with you on the approach to your driving test, especially the show me ones, as every car is different.

Below are some videos produced by the DSA. Each video goes through how the show me tell me questions are asked and how you would answer the questions verbally back to the examiner.

The DSA examiners are pretty easy going when it comes to the Show Me, Tell Me questions. As long as they can see that you understand the questions and know what to do, then do worry if you get muddled with your words a bit.