Intensive Driving Lessons with Accommodation

Intensive Driving Lessons with Accommodation

If you a pupil that can’t wait to take your driving test and you want to pass asap then Intensive driving lessons with Accommodation may be a solution.

There are many companies offering fast pass courses for around £1000, however, you don’t get much for your money.

One company based in London offers 20 hours with a free re-test for £1000.

When you do the maths, it’s not so good. Excluding the cost of the re-test, the hourly rate works out as £46.90, which is double the cost of a normal lesson these days.


If your looking to part with a large sum of money, it’s vital you establish what you are getting for your money before committing with upfront payments.

Here’s a few important questions you should establish before committing to an intensive course:

• How many driving hours do you get in 1 week ?

• What does the hourly rate work out to be, per lesson ? Anything more than £30.00 is quite steep.

• Are the lessons 1-2-1 or are you sharing the driving hours with someone else ?

• Will your lessons be with a local instructor that knows the area well ?

• Will your driving instructor be fully qualified ? Believe or not, some schools use trainees.

• Does the company you are considering have a high pass rate in the area you are taking the test ?

• Does the company have testimonials with success stories ?

• Does the company you are considering sub contract pupils out to other companies, if so, perhaps consider someone else.

• If you require Intensive Driving Lessons with Accommodation, does the price include the accommodation ?

• Does the price include the theory test and practical test ?

• If you haven’t passed the theory test, how long is the wait to take the actual driving test ?

• Is the company in question capable of getting their pupils earlier tests ?


These are all vital questions, if you want to give yourself the highest possible chance of passing first time and getting your monies worth.

We don’t provide Intensive driving lessons with Accommodation, however, we do recommend a few companies down south:

Drive Luton – Intensive Driving Lessons in Luton 

Drive Bedford – Intensive Driving Lessons in Bedford 


Driving Test Costs – Direct.Gov website goes through all the test fees